From the Editor


Everything you do in life either lifts or lowers you. That means everything you eat, everything you wear, the rooms you spend your time in and the people you spend your time with, will either energise you or drain you. There is no neutral. This magazine is about starting to make the changes today to increase the amount of energising activities daily that can and will result in profound changes later on. The magazine aims to wake-up us up and take a good look at what is happening in our own lives and around us and to focus on your responsibility both for what you bring to your life and the energy you bring into others. Rather than mindlessly following the crowd – it asks does this actually make me feel good? By recognising that our thoughts aren’t facts, we can start to listen in to the stories we constantly tell ourselves. It is the stories about the circumstances and not the circumstances themselves which stand between us and the changes we want to see.


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