Be a Bombshell

Make-up artist to the stars Charlotte Tilbury shows us how to create her fabulous bombshell look step by step.


My favourite make-up look for the season is Charlotte Tilbury’s Bombshell. Gorgeous, glossy and polished – what is there not to love about this knock-out, traffic stopping look? Learn how to get your gloss back on with this step-by-step guide – just be careful you don’t cause a ten car pile up…

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All products are available to buy from Charlotte Tilbury

Prepare the skin with Charlotte’s Magic Cream (£70), massaging the product into the skin in an angel wing motion – “I never start a make-up without it,” says Charlotte, “it floods the skin with moisture and instantly transforms tired, dull skin.”

To create skin that looks ‘lit from within’ apply a small amount of Wonderglow (£38.50) on the centre of the face to soft focus any lines or pores giving a luminous, dewy complexion.

Apply your shade of Light Wonder (£32) foundation all over the face. Blend outward across your face to your cheeks, forehead and chin for a poreless, baby skin effect.

Use The Retoucher (£25) on targeted areas, such as redness, blemishes and dark circles, tapping the product onto the skin for a heavier coverage.


For the perfect bombshell complexion apply Airbrush Flawless Finish (£33) powder with the Powder & Sculpt Brush (£35) tracing down the t-zone and under the eyes to eliminate any extra shine. “It’s incredibly finely milled and does not sit in any of your wrinkles or pores like many powders,” explains Charlotte.

6 Now you have a flawless base, take your Brow Lift (£22.50) and use the brush end to comb the hairs upwards revealing their natural shape. Then fill in the brows with fine strokes in the direction of the hair growth. To accentuate and lift the arch, use the central highlighter across the bottom of the brow. Strong arched brows are essential for this look and provide structure for the whole face.

7 “I never start any eye make-up without my Life Changing Eyelash Curlers (£18). They are like a push up bra for the lashes.” Clamp, hold for five seconds, tilt your head back to maximize your curl.

8 To create a mesmerising feline eye, apply the Feline Flick (£22) along the upper lash line, three quarters of the way across the lashes stop and look straight in the mirror and draw a dot where you want your flick to go. Angle your flick to join that dot, thickening the colour for added drama. Take care to ensure the flicks are symmetrical on either side.

9 Apply the Colour Chameleon (£19) in Amber Haze (for brown eyes) directly from the pencil, over the whole lid taking the colour up to the socket line and along the bottom lash line. Quickly use your finger to blend the colour out before the product sets. Use as little or as much as you like depending on how dramatic you want your look to be.


10 To finish off the eyes use Full Fat Lashes Mascara (£22), depositing the product in the root of the lashes to give the eye as much lift as possible. Elongate the eye by using the wand at an angle, dragging the corner lashes outwards. For the bottom lashes, turn the wand vertically and use the tapered end to coat each lash.

11 Define the lips with Lip Cheat in Kiss n Tell (£16). Look into the mirror and smile, tightening the skin on the lips to see exactly where to apply the pencil. Starting on the outer corners, trace the liner just outside the natural lip line. This will help cheat a fuller pout, create perfect symmetry to the lips and stop the lipstick bleeding.

12 For a modern look apply Matte Revolution lipstick in Red Carpet Red (£23) straight from the bullet or use the Lip Brush (£18). As the brush is squared off it helps give precision on the outer corners and perfectly angles your cupid’s bow. Use Lip Lustre in Red Vixen (£16.50) for a dialled up Red Carpet sheen.


13 Every bombshell needs great cheekbones. “A lot of women are afraid of contouring but it’s actually a really affordable way of giving you an instant facelift.” To define your facial framework use the Sculpt shade of Filmstar Bronze & Glow (£49). Use the Bronzer Brush (£60) in large circular motions along the cheeks, across the bridge of the nose and on the corners of your forehead. Suck in your cheeks and carve out killer cheekbones with the Powder & Sculpt Brush, bringing the brush down to define the jawline. Use the highlighter on top of the cheekbones, down the nose and lightly across the lips.

14 Now that you have theperfect lip you can see how far you need to take the blusher. Swish the Blusher Brush around the outside shade of your Cheek to Chic: Sex On Fire (£30) and apply the colour in big circular motions along the cheekbones. Use the central Pop shade on the apple of the cheek to enhance the colour.

All products are available to buy from Charlotte Tilbury