Amanda – Issue 4 Digital Edition


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In this issue:

THE A LIST – This season's most wanted.

CLUTCH CONTROL – Gorgeous clutches guaranteed to elevate your evening.

DISCO THING – Love to boogie? We don’t blame you. Burn baby burn with our strictly sequin edit.

PYJAMARAMA – The night time is the right time for a life upgrade. Swap out the sweats for these gorgeous pieces.

BAHAMA DRAMA – What’s a girl to do after a Tory Burch Maxi splurge? Jet down to the Bahamas of course!

DREAMING SPIRES – One of England’s most beautiful cities, Oxford is the ideal destination for a
short break.

NEW YORK STORIES – Illustrator extraordinaire Megan Hess’ tips on where to eat, play and stay on your next trip to Manhattan.

COMFORT AND JOY – This winter nourish yourself and your family with soulful recipes from the heart of Scandinavia.

ROMA! – Enjoy a beautiful culinary tour of Rome, a rich treat for all the senses.

SUPER BEAUTY – French supermodel Estelle Lefébure shares her winter beauty tips on how to look fabulous at 50!

WHAT’S NEW PUSSYCAT? – New additions to the world of beauty products to try and test.

GORGEOUS IN 10 STEPS – From top to toe, inside and out, now is the best time of year to ring in the changes.

WHAT’S YOUR EXCUSE AGAIN? – Blasting the excuses that stand in your way is the first step to the body you want.

TOP TRAINING – Nineteen Rio Olympic medallists trained there – can Amanda handle a month at Europe’s top training centre?

WHY SITTING DOWN IS THE NEW SMOKING – How to counteract the dangers of our new sedentary world.

HOW TO LOSE FAT – When it comes to losing fat, there is more to it than calories in, calories out.

CASA AMANDA – My pick of beautiful interior pieces for a fabulous, flowing home.

TRANSFORMING A HALLWAY – The guiding theme for a hall is welcoming, homely and flowing. This is how you can sort it out and elevate your day every time you come home.

END THE STRESS OF MESS – Mess can be exhausting, overwhelming and time-consuming – all of which are huge calls on your limited, precious energy reserves.

THE YEAR OF SAYING YES – Kathy Gilfillan teaches us how saying ‘Yes’ leads to a life full of colour, texture and adventure.

TIRED ALL THE TIME? Give yourself a New Year life edit – check for these ten energy drains.

NOISE ALERT – When it comes to draining your energy, noise plays a big part. When was the last time you had any peace?

HAPPY HABITS – Psychologist Dr Anthony Gunn shares some of his lessons for lasting happiness.