The Chedi, Muscat, Oman

Between the Al Hajar mountains and the warm waters of the Gulf of Oman, the Chedi is a glistening retreat guaranteed to soothe and restore.

Rising like a glistening oasis of glamorous calm out of the still, arid Omani land is GHM group’s stunning Chedi Hotel. I have returned here again and again and would recommend it to anyone looking to escape frazzled mania for a sultry dose of luxe-zen.

Daytimes are spent poolside, relaxing on huge four poster beds. An adult only pool allows for peace whilst a separate family friendly pool means parents can relax with their children. Breezy lunches can be enjoyed at the poolside restaurant. Pack some great books, sink deeply into the peace and start to recharge.

The hotel exudes Middle Eastern glamour – the still ancient Omani land providing the perfect backdrop for its shimmering beauty

For me, the hotel comes into its own in the evening. The reliable heat, so far from the fragile evening warmth of a British summer, and the candlelit paths leading to the shimmering bars and restaurant are reason alone to get on the plane. When I first visited, local cuisine was not on the menu but thankfully some Arabic food has now been included. Rightly so, to not sample the wonderful Omani cuisine would be a great shame. A consistent problem in high end hotels the world over is local food is under represented.

Floaty silks and glistening accessories look amazing in the hotel’s gleaming restaurant

Dress well for dinner. The dining room deserves so much more than the faded greys and tatty looks some of the tourists wear, woefully out of place against the shimmering luxe of the restaurant. Tanned Omani men in their pristine white dishdashas are accompanied by women wearing jewel trimmed silks or saris. Sink into the glamour as cocktails are served at your table. A wonderful touch is the small table they give you just for your evening bag – make sure yours is worthy. I’m never without my Anya Hindmarch Valorie Clutches – sadly discontinued but still available on eBay. Packing a clutch bag takes up no room and is an easy elegance win. Make sure you leave large mumsy shoulder bags where they belong – in your room.

Sleek, open kitchens in the restaurant mean the zen extends from the back of house to front – no behind the scenes mania here. The Omani land exudes stillness, the heat defeating any attempts to rush or fret, making the Chedi a beautifully restorative experience.

Packing Notes

Stay away from

Allow yourself to feel amazing. Stay away from same old denim, scruffy drabs and trainers. Overly tight, revealing clothes are not de rigeur either.

Travel Notes

Amanda flew directly from London Heathrow to Muscat with British Airways ( Chedi Hotel ( Transfers from the airport can be booked in advance via the Chedi Hotel.

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